About me

Bartosz Chodyła – web programmer

Hi! My name is Bartosz. He is interested in sports (gym, football, skiing), music (mainly electronic) and technological innovations.

I am a mechanical engineer by training. I graduated with an engineering and master’s degree in Mechanics and Mechanical Engineering at the Wrocław University of Technology. In the last year, I have been very interested in programming and looking for opportunities to develop in this direction. Extensive research has led me to join the Future Programmer project.

During the project, I wandered through many programming languages:

  • I started my adventure by learning C++ in both procedural and object-oriented approaches, so that I gained the foundation for learning more languages. During this time, I created several minor projects such as address book or ping pong game.
  • The next stop was web technologies. I started my adventure with them by learning the frontend trinity – HTML, CSS and JavaScript. The next step was back-end: PHP and MySQL. Solid foundations enabled me to create the first major web project based on a framework built from scratch, using the MVC pattern. It was a home budget management app – Dreamchaser. I’ve also learned to create sites using the world’s most popular content management system, WordPress, so we can all enjoy the site we currently have 😎.
  • Then it was time for one of the most popular programming languages today – Java. Thanks to his knowledge and, as well as learning JavaFX, I created a simple email client and a weather app.
  • The final stage of the project was the selection of specializations. I decided to develop towards .NET, specifically C#. Based on the MVC 5 ASP.NET framework, I was able to create an application for gym employees, making it easier to manage their workplace.

Systematic learning has made me a long way in a few months – from a mechanic with little programming knowledge, to a programmer who can carry out increasingly large projects with an endless desire for further learning and development.

I encourage you to familiarize yourself with my portfolio, view your LinkedIn profile and contact me if there is an interest in cooperation.