Month: August 2020

The builder pattern will always give advice

Bob the Builder is a fairy tale that both me and many of my peers loved to watch at a time when we were talking “bep” on bread. Hearing about the builder’s pattern for the first time, it was the first thing I associated with it. Perhaps this pattern will not “do” to solve any problem, like the well-known and well-liked Bob, although it will find many uses. (…)

Improvise. Adapt. Overcome.

The name of our today's guest may suggest from the run what it is intended for. The adapter pattern, as it is referred to, is designed to convert the interface of a given class into the form of the interface expected by the client. This treatment allows the cooperation of classes that previously did not have the opportunity to work together. (…)

Decorate your objects!

Decorator Decorator) is one of the basic design patterns of a group of structural patterns. It allows you to assign new behaviors to an object in a dynamic way, and does not use inheritance, thus guaranteeing great flexibility and extended functionality. (…)